Saint Raymond Live @ Rock City, Nottingham

Last night (6th November) was a big night for local band, Saint Raymond, where they kicked off their UK tour. For many, it was their first time post-covid, feeling the sticky floors and feeling the vibrations of live music through the speakers of a venue, including front man, 26-year-old Callum Burrows. 

Callum came on to a song from his first album, ‘Everything She Wants’, starting the gig off with an upbeat tune to get the crowd singing and dancing. Callum was humbled watching everyone sing and dance to his songs, and wouldn’t stop thanking everyone for their support, even saying “after the last year, you just don’t know if people care anymore.” 

He continued to play songs off his two albums, there isn’t much difference between the way he sounds on his albums and the way he sounds live. He performs really well, and you can tell it’s still very surreal to him. The band were amazing, and we were given an amazing guitar solo, from the guitarist. 

Callum dedicated his song “Alright” to devoted fan, Ross, who they lost this year, he talked a little about the importance of talking, especially after the year we’ve all had. Callum was selling merch that said, ‘It’s alright, to not be alright”, with 100% of the profits going to CALM charity, in memory of Ross. 

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He then played another song, claiming it was his last song, before joining in on the wave of boos he was getting from, fans not ready for the gig to end. Callum came back on stage, less than a minute later, on his own ready to play some acoustic songs. Before he started, he told everyone, that he wasn’t going to play it, but somebody asked him to, because it was their wedding song, he then kicked into a slower song called ‘One More Night’. 

When the band came back on, they changed the motive, playing their first ever song ‘Bonfire’, which got the crowed fired up and dancing again, they have such a committed fan base, I heard less cheers when I saw Harry Styles. Callum ended by dedicating the show to his parents who were waving eagerly from the stands upstairs, and then he played ‘Movie in my Mind’, from his first album. 

Saint Raymond put on a great show, this was the fourth time we’ve seen them in seven years, and it gets better every time. 

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