Wednesday must be the new Friday because Everybody’s Saying Thursday’s the weekend

Photo Credit: Kalpesh Lathigra

The sun is shining, you’ve just come home from work. Your friends have asked you to meet them at the local beer garden to catch the last few rays of the sun – it is Friday tomorrow. You contemplate it before saying “Go on then, Everybody’s Saying Thursday’s The Weekend.”

Australian trio, DMA’s, has perfectly captured the essence of summer with this new futuristic 90s club sound. DMA’s formed in 2012, in Sydney, making a name for themselves with a Modern Britpop sound, however, have strayed further from this with their new electronic album How Many Dreams?

Their new album kicks off with the title track, How Many Dreams? This introduces us to the synth-y vibe they use in a few of their songs. The band also ended on two dance tracks, with Something We Are Overcoming and De Carle, where they continue with more synths, but definitely bring us more of a club night feel.

Whilst these songs have more of a dance feel to them, they have kept true to their original Britpop genre by using strings in two of the tracks: Dear Future and Forever. You can hear that Dear Future is heavily influenced by The Verve, but with Forever, it makes you double-take with how similar the violin sounds to Bitter Sweet Symphony.

Everybody’s Saying Thursday Is The Weekend is a great summer tune and with the album being released at the end of March, it gives everyone enough time to learn it, ready to belt out at festivals this summer. This song sets the pace for the middle chunk of the album, where it pulls away from the electronic sound and leans more into a chill indie vibe.

How Many Dreams? is filled with songs that take you on a rollercoaster ride, making you want to dance one minute and cry the next. It is an album that makes you look forward to the live version, Guitarist Matt Mason said that the record was created with this in mind: “We’ve tried to think about the people listening to it at home and how they might like this out there on stage.”

With the band dipping their toes into a new sound for this album, guitarist Johnny Took explained how freeing it is to release your first record, with there being nothing to lose and he felt a similar feeling releasing this album: “Our palette for this album was a lot broader because we’ve learned so much since our debut and we’ve listened to so much more music between then and now, which has shaped us. It felt like a first outing all over again. The excitement was the same.”

Vocalist Tommy O’Dell said that they have worked harder than ever before and faced many challenges whilst creating their fourth album: “We’ve made this a bit differently to other records. We’ve been more confident in the production department with our own skills. We also didn’t rush it either.”

All their hard work has paid off, the album takes you on a journey and will continue to do so through their live performances.

And on that note, I’ll have a lager shandy please!

Listen to their fourth album here.

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