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It’s Harry’s House and We’re Just Living in it

The 70’s are well and truly back, and Harry Styles is giving it a warm welcome with his third solo album: Harry’s House. Harry has been known to flirt with different genres throughout his music, and he has done it again, this time he is doing the hustle back to the 1970’s. 

It has officially been one whole week since the release of Harry’s House, and with the album being the only thing that I have been physically able to listen to, I thought it was time to sit down and collect my thoughts. 

Harry made his solo debut in 2017, when he released his first album Harry Styles, the songs were a mixture of soft rock and alternative pop. Very different to what he was making whilst with One Direction. His second album, Fine Line, stuck to the alternative pop genre but added some psychedelic pop into the mix.

With Harry’s House he can now be seen dipping his toe into synth-pop, disco, and funk. The album is full of feel-good progressive-pop music that makes you want to dance in your underwear, wooden spoon in hand. With of course a good mix of songs that make you want to lay down in a dark room (see Matilda).

The first and only single Harry released before the album was As It Was, which was an addictive synth-BOP. I know many people will relate to me when I say, I have had this song on repeat since it was released. This song definitely built excitement among fans, who have been waiting patiently for three years for new music. 

Harry of course had to add a fruit punch to this album, keeping consistent with a fruity theme throughout his solo albums. Starting heavy, with Kiwi and then in his second album he gave us Cherry and everyone’s favourite oral-sex ballad: Watermelon Sugar. This time he has graced us with Grapejuice, which gives off more of a mellow vibe, like Cherry

Fleetwood Mac has heavily influenced Harry’s solo music, with him even inviting Stevie Nicks on stage to sing Fleetwood Mac’s Landslide a few years ago. You can really see this influence in Boyfriends, you can hear this comparison especially in the guitar picking. I have been waiting for the official release of this song since Harry said: “to boyfriends everywhere, fuck you” at Coachella. 

The singer has said previously that music is the only place he feels comfortable opening up about his relationships, and he has made this clear throughout Harry’s House where he has ramped up the sex talk. Although, one song which misled us all was Little Freak. Speaking to a few friends we were expecting an Only Angel-esq number, with a sensual feeling. However, we were hit with an emotional anthem about losing someone, making us want to curl up in a Harry-induced cry fest.

Late Night Talking, is my personal favourite on the album, another one I’ve been singing since the Coachella live stream. It’s such a groovy song that you can’t not smile at. It takes you back to the honeymoon period of a relationship and makes you want to dance like nobodies watching. 

Overall, Harry’s House has been warm and inviting and I would recommend it to anyone who is willing to listen. It transitions beautifully between disco to ballad and takes you on a giant glittery rollercoaster. So put your best pants on, grab a wooden spoon and dance until you can’t anymore. 

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